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Dušní 3
Prague, 110 00
Czech Republic

+420 234 095 870

DUSNI3 is a concept store in Prague. We present a unique selection of top designer pieces to fit your life-style.

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Roque by Ilaria Nistri

The Ilaria Nistri brand was founded in 2006 by Ilaria Nistri and Simone Rafanelli. The main goal is to convey the designer's s passion and love for precious fabrics and unconventional shapes.  It keeps the balance between tradition and modernity, parallel to constant technological innovation.

The boundaries between tradition and post-modern clothing are outlined in collections by Ilaria Nistri.  A spiritual emphasis on beautiful silhouette combining classic and conceptual cuts made this brand famous all over the world.  The main designer Illaria Nistri was appointed in 2008 by the famous Vogue magazine as an "Emerging Designer".  Her mysterious and sensual collection can be seen in our boutique.